Together against ‘mate crime’

‘Mate crime’ is the bullying of vulnerable people by their own so-called friends.

Our survey  into mate crime uncovered a shocking level of abuse in our communities. Eighty per cent of over 16s with autism felt bullied or taken advantage of by someone they thought was a friend.

If you have autism, have a loved one with autism, work within the autism community or simply want your voice to be heard, please take a stand against mate crime today.

  This is how you can help us:

  • Ask someone to take a picture of you holding a sign which says Together against mate crime and includes the Twitter username @autism_together

  • Post your photograph on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and include the username @autism_together

  • Send a copy of your photograph to us and we’ll share it with our followers

By standing together we can show the perpetrators of this cowardly, hidden crime that we are onto them.

By standing together we can spread the message to those who may not be familiar with the term that these crimes are happening right now across our region and must be stopped.

Thank you

Robin Bush

CEO, Autism Together

 What to do now

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
    Photos to be submitted as jpeg - maximum file size

If you have further questions about our campaign please email: or call 0151 666 9960.

How we will use your photograph 

If you send us your photograph you agree that we will be able to use it on our social media platforms, on our website and in any printed material we may commission in the future to support this campaign.  We will only use your name or Twitter username if you have given us permission to do so. We will not share  your contact details with anyone else.