Home Care and Supported Living

Whether you or those you support need home care; day time activities, work opportunities; training; respite & short stay breaks; or just the chance to discuss your concerns, Autism Together is committed to delivering the best autism support available.

Autism Together has been dedicated to caring exclusively for people with autism for nearly 50 years. We are committed to understanding each individual with this complex condition and to providing each with the structure to live life to the full, based on their personal needs and aspirations.

Autism is a lifelong condition which affects each person uniquely. It can affect a person’s ability to form relationships, to communicate and to understand the world around them.

These vary depending on the needs of the individual and might include support with a couple of everyday tasks such as going to the shops or cooking, through to a full support package which enables the individual with autism to find a home of their own.

If you would like to discuss your specific need for a supported living package please contact our Admissions Team.