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Future50 Appeal | Behind the scenes – making Autism Together’s advert
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It’s time to get up and get some breakfast before we head to our first location to start filming for the day. We meet Emma, John and Ben from Contra Agency, who are producing the advert for us, and discuss the plan of action for the day. Everyone is really excited about the prospects of what’s to come! John and Ben have an excellent vision of what the end product will look like, and we can’t wait to see it come to life.


The team arrive at our first location where we will film some of our scenes for the day. We’re using a family house for this location, to recreate the living room, hallway and bedroom scenes. We talk to Louise about her visions for the scenes and then meet our first actor Jacob, who’s playing Austin when he is 10 years old. It’s his debut on the big screen but he’s a natural and the camera loves him. John and Ben set up the equipment and lighting, using an anamorphic lens to give a blue effect, and a haze machine to create a smoke effect which will make the camera look less sharp.


Josh and Justine arrive, who are playing Austin at 15 years old and his mum, Louise. They’ll both be staring in some of our more difficult scenes to shoot, so Ben talks them through the storyboard and gives them some direction. We use the bathroom and bedroom for these scenes, which proves a challenge for the cameraman and director in such tight spaces, but the end result looks really cinematic and the actors do an excellent job of recreating the difficult scenes of Austin and Louise’s story.


All scenes at the family house are completed and we all pack the equipment up to load into the van to set off to our second location, but first, a pit stop for some lunch!


We arrive at West Kirby Residential School in Wirral, who have kindly let us use their playground as the backdrop to one of our scenes. We meet Cillian who’s playing 6-year-old Austin, who’s come along with his mum. It’s raining outside so we all wrap up warm and John, our cameraman, brings out a special tent for him and the camera to go underneath. Cillian is a natural and takes the direction really well, and we’re wrapped on this scene in just 45 minutes!


We arrive at our final location of the day, one of our residential units, as we’re using one of their old rooms and the lane which drives up to it for our last two scenes. It’s getting dark now and the rain is coming down so we head inside for our first scene at this location with Justine and Josh again. We set up the lighting to give the effect of daytime, and rehearse the scene with different camera angles before doing a couple of takes.


Onto the last scene of the day, and this one takes the longest to set up. We’re filming outside and need to recreate car lights so the production team take an hour to carefully place film lights down the lane to give the best effect. At 7pm we start to shoot the scene, and one of our members of the team even has to stand in the forest with a torch for that added extra light! It’s raining heavily now but our actor does brilliantly and the shot looks really effective.


That’s a wrap! What an amazing and positive day. We really hope this true story of Louise and Austin’s life will give the awareness this campaign needs to raise vital funds to help those with autism in crisis.

We would like to thank the following people and organisations who helped in the making of this film.

Louise Latham

Austin Latham

Contra Agency

Emma Little

Ben Kaufman

John Ford

Arri (Anamorphic lenses)

Ed Jones – Commercial Marketing Executive


Ali Wilson – Client Contact

Wave Studios

Rebecca Boswell – Executive Producer

Ned Sisson & Tony Rapaccioli – Sound Designers

Tony Rapaccioli – Dolby Soundmix


Kirsty Bushell

Josh Kristiansen

Jacob Rose

Cillian McIlroy

Location shoot

West Kirby Residential School

Digital Cinema Media

Summer Baxter

Nicholas Price

Grant Gulczynski

FACT Cinema, Liverpool

Colin Alexander