Community and Vocational Services (CVS)

Community and Vocational Services are about offering people with autism meaningful, realistic and achievable training, on the job work experience and valuable life skills.

These structured, person centred programmes offer the necessary communication strategies and support plans, enabling the person to develop independently, safely and confidently. They offer fantastic opportunities for people with autism to develop essential work and life skills and reach their full potential.


Creative Arts

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Our activities include: pottery, jewellery making, painting & drawing, collage and printing, needlecraft and fabric based activities, digital media and information technology.


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Set in 5 acres of land we offer a personalised service to all, with open areas ideal for therapeutic horticulture and animal husbandry. We also do vocational work which can lead to recognised qualifications including ASDAN.

Health & Wellbeing

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Our Community Development and Health and Well-Being sessions offer service users the opportunity to experience new and exciting challenges. They can choose from a wide variety of activities and are given achievable targets.

Performing Arts

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Performing Arts hold a variety of workshops and sessions geared towards encouraging individuals to express themselves, interact with other people and listen to they have to say or contribute .

Social Enterprise

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Bromborough Pool Garden Centre, Woodwork & Landscaping Services

We have ongoing vacancies in our community and vocational services and can offer flexible opportunities throughout the week up to a full five day programme.

Based in several locations in Wirral, our services are extensive and offer a full range of activities and we are committed to delivering the best autism support available, here are our range of services for adults on the autistic spectrum.

Our Admissions and Referrals Team

Services covered by our admissions team are  Supported Living, Community & Vocational Service, and Residential services.

Our aim is to liaise closely with the individual, families, and local authorities to identify the service(s) required and to support them in identifying and securing funding. We will liaise with service managers to ensure a smooth transition for the individual into the services.

We are based in Oak House and our direct line for referrals or enquiries is 0151 482 3126.