The ATAS team

New for 2020, Autism Together is introducing a series of in-depth Autism Workshops, each covering specific life skills and how people with autism might approach these.

Run by our award-winning Autism Training and Advisory Service, the team has created a series of 12 workshops, each two-hours long, covering a comprehensive range of subjects to benefit individuals with autism, aged 16+.

Starting in February and available to book now, there are 12 different workshops planned, with two happening each month. Opening with a general workshop on autism and what it means to individuals, across the following six months the course will host dedicated workshops covering subjects such as communication, emotions, diet, anxiety, relationships, employment and more.

The workshops will explore in detail how each subject might provide challenges to people with autism and how these could be managed and overcome. They will also provide the opportunity to ask questions and explore specific situations, in order to offer practical solutions to help individuals manage situations more easily in future, significantly reducing stress and anxiety.

The first workshop is on Thursday, February 20th and will be a general discuss about autism and what it means to different people.

Each workshop is priced £12 per person, runs from 5-7pm and takes place at Oak House in Bromborough.

To explore the range of workshops available and book onto any of interest, follow this link and click on each workshop to find out more:

For more information on the workshops and help with booking, please contact the ATAS team direct either by phone: 0151 482 3145, or email: