What is the Autism Champions Scheme?

Officially launched in 2016, the Autism Champions Scheme was brought in to encourage organisations and public facilities to become more autism aware and provide autism friendly services to enhance the lives of autistic people and their families.

Meet our Champions

It is estimated that there are approximately 1 in 100 people in the UK with a diagnosis of autism; many of whom can feel overwhelmed accessing public places/services, resulting in them becoming isolated and withdrawn. 

Autism Together is spearheading a campaign to make the UK more autism friendly by asking organisations and community places to commit to providing autism friendly services and for their staff to undergo autism awareness training with ourselves.

Who can become an Autism Champion?

Any organisation, community space, shop or public relating business can become a recognised Autism Champion and we especially encourage those who provide a direct service to the public.

Accessing these places for autistic people can become very overwhelming and daunting, causing anxiety and resulting in individuals and families becoming isolated.

We want people with autism to:

  • Be better supported by healthcare and emergency services
  • Feel confident and safe travelling on public transport
  • To go shopping independently Take part in sports and leisure activities
  • Visit cultural places of interest
  • Dine out in restaurants
  • Be able to do anything, everyone else does

How to become an Autism Champion?

You can only become an Autism Champion through Autism Together, becoming a recognised
Autism Champion is not as difficult as you may think, you will need to:

Make a commitment to become an autism friendly organisation by signing our charter.
Ensure that at least 10% of your public facing staff receive Autism Champion training (1/2 day). 
Make reasonable, autism friendly adjustments to the physical environment and practice. 
Provide autism friendly specific sessions/days where possible.
Commit to a review every 3 years, ensuring that the required standards and skills have been maintained. 

If you would like to learn more about becoming an Autism Champion and for further details, please contact the Autism Together Training and Advisory service: T: 0151 334 7510  E: training@autismtogether.co.uk

What our champions have said

Organisations across the Northwest have signed up to become Autism Champions:

“All the information given was easy to understand and the conversations with the trainers were easy and relaxed.”
B Spackman, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service

“Extremely enlightening. I feel I am in a better position to speak to people with Autism. Very useful with my job role”
D Nicholson, Chester Zoo

“Very well planned. Excellent delivery.  Very informative.”
Kassidy, World Museum Liverpool

“Highly thought provoking – Excellent delivery – Very much enjoyed and would recommend.”
V Anderson, DWP Job Centre Plus