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For further information regarding our Step into Work Plus programme please contact:

Tower House
Unit 1, Tower Road, Birkenhead CH41 1FF
Tel: 0151 559 2399 ext.2

Working Futures joins Step Into Work

We know that…

The main barriers to employment for people with autism are difficulties with communication and social interaction. Many just do not understand the unwritten rules of work and what constitutes acceptable behaviour in the work place.

Failure to secure employment can lead to a growing awareness of disability and a sense of being different from peer groups, increased isolation, raised anxiety levels and an inability to form relationships or take part in social activities successfully.

Yet, given the support and guidance they need, people with autism are very good at certain types of work and long to be given the opportunity to prove themselves.

How we can help

We want to help open doors with employers who have no idea how capable, dependable, honest and reliable people with autism can be in the right job with the right support.

As part of a detailed programme we can offer work experience placements in these broad sectors:

  • ICT
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Manual Work
  • Tea/Coffee Shops
  • Office
  • Window Cleaning
  • Retail
  • Warehouse
  • Gardening/Groundwork
Detailed programmes are now available

Our tailored programme comprises 8 weeks at the Step into Work centre, with a minimum 8 weeks work placement, followed by a 4 week review programme at the centre.

During your 8 weeks here you will be part of a team accessing modules such as, computers, social and business skills, interview tips and techniques as well as job searching.

You will work together with the placement officer to find you a tailor made, fully supported, minimum 8 week work placement. A four week review period completes your tailored week programme.


An Employer’s Opinion

“I knew very little about autism and Asperger’s Syndrome until we employed Kelly, however, she has been with us for ten months and she has excelled in the role; she is conscientious, hard-working & honest. 

Both staff and customers are aware of her particular needs and we have had no problems whatsoever, indeed, I think many of our customers think more highly of the company because of it. “

RUTH SETZ, Owner, Setz Hairdressing

Am I eligible?

If the answer is yes to the questions below, then please get in touch with Bev or Hema at the Step into Work Programme.

Are you aged  between 16-29?


Do you have or are waiting for a diagnosis of an Autistic Spectrum Condition?


Do you have basic communication skills?


Do you have a physical or sensory disability that may affect your access to the whole programme?


Can you travel independently?


Key Skills – Can you demonstrate basic literacy & numeracy skills?


Can you work as part of a team?


You SHOULD apply for our Step into Work Programme. Contact: 0151 559 2399 Ext. 2 or

We are fully accessible for physically disabled applicants.

Applicants must be aged 16-29, resident in Wirral, Liverpool, Knowsley, Sefton or St Helens and not in education, employment or training

Our students said…

Our Step Into Work Plus Programme is a 24 week course which aims to help people with autism towards employment.

“Brilliant support, a good timetable and excellent visual communication.”

 “I received good emotional support and enjoyed job preparation and group work.”

“I feel I understand my disability more now and that I can work as well as anyone else!”

“I am confident to tell an employer about my disability and to ask for support if I need it.”

“I am happy to do any job. I will work hard.”

Get in touch

For further information regarding our Step into Work Plus programme please contact:

Beverley Breen
Programme Manager
Mob: 07557 859000

Hema Chandrashekhar
Placement Officer
Mob: 07557 858923

Tower House, Unit 1, Tower Road, Birkenhead CH41 1FF
Tel: 0151 559 2399 ext.2