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Short stay, emergency, urgent and respite support

With over forty years experience of supporting people with autism we know only too well the importance of short stay respite support to both the person with an autistic spectrum condition and their family.

Operating out of our purpose built, short stay facility, The Ferns, we are able to offer the following range of support for individuals aged sixteen and over:

  • Overnight stays
  • Weekend and longer planned breaks
  • Emergency and urgent breaks
  • Half day/full day packages using the excellent facilities at The Ferns
  • Sessional/school holiday support


In working with the individual person with autism we aim to soften the effects of their autism by providing an individually tailored programme of support which enhances and develops independent daily living skills.

This not only assists the individual person in their personal development, but also helps the family assess the future needs of their family member.

We know from our own experience, and wider research, that specialist and structured support can really make a difference to the life of a person with autism, and that access to high quality short stay, respite care for families who have a family member with autism helps maintain family stability.

By taking just a short break, families can recharge their batteries ready to continue the important role they play every day in supporting the individual person with autism.


All of our staff are fully trained to support the individual with an autistic spectrum condition and to respond to their needs using person-centred planning which aims to provide a service which addresses how their autism impacts on their everyday life.

We use a number of autism-specific approaches including communication techniques such as PECS and Makaton, visual timetables, and environmental approaches such as TEACCH & SPELL.

For all new service users we arrange a home visit initially to assess the support needs of the individual and their preferred communication methods.

We then put together an individual tailored programme of support with family input.

We offer support through school holidays, including sessional support and have very competitive hourly rates for any support we might provide in the individual’s own home.

If you are a family with a personalised budget or direct payments, or a professional with an interest in autism, and would like to talk through your needs please contact:
Admissions Team on 0151-482 3126
or email:

Our Admissions and Referrals Team

Services covered by our admissions team are Respite (Take a Break at The Ferns), Supported Living, Community & Vocational Service, and Residential services.

Our aim is to liaise closely with the individual, families, and local authorities to identify the service(s) required and to support them in identifying and securing funding. We will liaise with service managers to ensure a smooth transition for the individual into the services.

We are based in Oak House and our direct line for referrals or enquiries is 0151 482 3126.

Our current appeal

Help us to reach out to more people who need a break with our current appeal to build two new rooms at our respite facility, The Ferns.

The Ferns Appeal – more

To learn more about this appeal please call 0151 482 3132