With biometric technology, the possibilities are endless


I had begun working at Autism Together in 2013 and in the spring of 2014 my colleague Jane asked to attend a conference in Paris. On her return Jane told me about an academic from America who was demonstrating the use of biometric technology and was discussing a project that he had ongoing in a school in New York state.

Liverpool FC won at home – and we were there!


Late last year a group of Autism Together staff and service users were specially invited to the opening of a brand new sensory viewing room at Liverpool FC for those on the autism spectrum. We had the chance to experience the new venture whilst watching the Liverpool v Southampton game where Liverpool won 3-0 – what an honour!

It’s a fair cop


The police officer looked at me closely and asked if I was ok. I assured him I was and that we had been playing the seatbelt game. John immediately obliged by fastening and unfastening his belt. John then slapped me on the head and squealed in laughter. I looked at the policeman and gave him my special smile. I explained that John was autistic and as such found it difficult to wear his seatbelt. I also asked if he could, please, put on his lights and siren, as it would make John's day.

Alexander the Great Visiting Bromborough Pool Garden Centre


The sun was shining and the sky 100% blue, what better day could there be to find some gorgeous flowers on display. I have visited this site before, but never really had the time to explore everywhere and really embrace the place and I was very keen to get stuck in.