Exercise and autism – a blog by one of Autism Together’s Young Ambassadors


Hi. I am Andrew Edwards from Wrexham. I am delighted to be writing the first in what will hopefully be a series of blogs in my capacity as an Autism Together Ambassador for 2019 on various facets of my life experiences with autism.

Running for Tom: Why I am facing my biggest challenge for Grandad and Autism Together


I have always been proud to be a McParlin. Sometimes it is someone who remembers my great-grandad Eddy who ran what everyone called “Mac’s”, the New Ferry fishmongers and chip shop. However, nothing makes me prouder than when someone asks if I am Tom McParlin’s granddaughter.

Louise’s story


I remember the day Austin received his autism diagnosis vividly. I was sat alone in a room with a consultant paediatrician when he said to me, “Your son has autism. I’m sorry, this is a devastating diagnosis.” And that was it…I was shown the door. I was in shock, disbelief and hearing the word ‘autism’ struck fear in me, it was the unknown and I was scared.

Why you might not spot autistic girls and how to support them when you do


My sister was 9 years old when she was diagnosed with autism. Up until that point I believed she was gifted, extremely anxious and often demand avoidant, but never autistic. As a SEN teacher with additional responsibility for ASC provision at the time, I had been arrogantly confident that my sister could not be autistic as too many of her personality traits did not fit with the autism profile I had long understood.

How visual information helped Clayton and Howard enjoy their Spanish holiday


Clayton and Howard went to Santa Susanna in Spain for week’s holiday this autumn. The men were booked into an all-inclusive hotel which had all of the things that they liked. Despite the early start the flight was good and, armed with his visual schedule, Clayton matched up the pictures of his hotel with the real thing when the bus dropped us off so we knew we were at the right place!