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Following a restructure there is now a new Admissions & Referrals Team who are responsible for all referrals and admissions to Wirral Autistic Society.

Services covered by our admissions team are Respite (Take a Break at The Ferns), Supported Living, Domiciliary care, Community & Vocational Service, and Residential services.

Our aim is to liaise closely with the individual, families, and local authorities to identify the service(s) required and to support them in identifying and securing funding. We will liaise with service managers to ensure a smooth transition for the individual into the services.

We are based in Oak House and our direct line for referrals or enquiries is 0151 482 3126.

The team consists of the following individuals:
Angie Kemp – Development Manager

Angie has worked for the organisation for nearly 10 years and has held many roles within this time, including Team Leader and Registered Manager. She has been working mainly in development for the last 5 years.
Angie works Monday to Friday 9am–3pm

Contact details – 07717 348598 or angie.kemp@wirral.autistic.org

Katie Lane – Admissions Officer
Katie has been working as the Admin Support for the Family Support Team at the Rainbow Resource Centre.
Katie works Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

Contact details – 07557 859024 or katie.lane@wirral.autistic.org

Caroline Prior – Admissions Officer

Caroline is new to the Society, she has previously worked for Wirral Adult Social Services in the role of Assessment Officer. Caroline works Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9am-5pm

Contact details – 07557 859025 or caroline.prior@wirral.autistic.org

A large part of the role for the Admissions Team is showing our organisation to potential service users, families, and professionals – please feel free to get in touch for further details.